Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sri Subramanya Heggade: Tactical thinking to Strategic thinking

Date: 2nd  December 2011
Business Guru: Episode on sucessfull case studies of The Second Gear MBA for Non MBAs students.
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Name of the Intrapreneur: Sri Subramanya Heggade
Uniqueness: Man of Optimism
Sri Subramanya's Heggade has around 20+ years of experience in Project Management. He is now trying to implement thesecond gear 12*12 sutras to change his thought process from Tactical thinking to Strategic Thinking.
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  1. Listened to your discussion on 101.3 FM. It was good to know your views on thinking strategically instead of focusing on day-to-day operations. Liked your definition and views on Centre of Excellence and various examples throughout your candid talk.